Trade and trade-related matters

This section provides information related to trade relations between Ukraine and the EU.

The section of the European Integration Portal dedicated to this direction is the largest of all in the context of the implementation of the Association Agreement.

Below is information on the progress of the implementation of commitments under the Association Agreement on the functioning of the free trade area and implementation of Title IV of the Association Agreement.

An important part of the section is an Information guide on trading.


Free trade area

  • the parties have agreed to establish a free trade area during the transition period, not exceeding 10 years from the date of entry into force of the Agreement in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and Article XXIV of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (hereinafter - GATT-1994);

Preferential tariff quotas

  • Ukraine and the EU have agreed to reduce or cancel the import duty on goods originating from the other Part


EU Trade Hepldesk

  • online service created by the European Commission to help entrepreneurs

Certificate EUR.1

  • necessary to obtain preferential access to the EU market within the free trade area between Ukraine and the EU

Practical suggestion

  • advisory information for domestic producers on how best to enter the EU markets

Guides for novice exporters

  • compilations of practical advice for EU exporters in selected industries

Search for EU partners – EEN Enterprise Network

  • tips on how to use the EEN Enterprise Network to find partners in the EU

Useful links

The EU Agency, working with exporters


Technical barriers to trade

  • reduction of technical barriers to trade and bringing Ukrainian industrial producers closer to the EU market

Sanitary and phytosanitary measures

  • introduction of an equivalent European food quality and safety control system

Customs matters and the facilitation of trade

  • simplification of customs procedures and trade facilitation

Enterprise, services and e-commerce

  • improvement of business environment

Current payments and movement of capital

  • liberalization of capital movements to a level equivalent to EU legislation

Public procurement

  • creation of competition in public sector procurement

Protection of intellectual property rights

  • simplification of the procedure of creation and commercial use of innovative products

Competition and State Aid

  • approximation of Ukrainian competition law and practice of application to EU law

Matters of trade and energy carriers

  • harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in this area with EU requirements

Trade and sustainable development

promotion and encouraging of trade, attraction of foreign direct investment in environmentally friendly products