Ukraine has an official ProAID International Technical Assistance Coordination Portal

The official ProAID International Technical Assistance Coordination Portal has been launched in Ukraine. The resource contains a complete up-to-date database of projects and programs of international assistance in Ukraine, detailed information and project documentation of existing projects and the status of their implementation.

This was reported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

“Open data is an important characteristic of a modern, transparent state. It is also an effective tool to combat corruption,” the First Deputy Minister Maxim Nefedov said.

According to him, more than 600 international donor projects oftotal cost about 6 billion USD were implemented in Ukraine in 2018.

“These are really significant funds, the effectiveness of which is first of all dependent on the effective control of the public and all stakeholders. The ProAid portal today opened a wide range of opportunities for this, increasing the standards of transparency of public administration, reducing corruption risks in the implementation of donor assistance projects,” the representative of the MEDT added.

The MEDT noted that the project database will be constantly filled and updated, and the ProAid portal will be added with new functions and tools for data analytics.

“The portal allows any user to easily find and obtain information about the International Technical Assistance projects using special filters by type of assistance and funding; regions; donors, implementers, beneficiaries and recipients of International Technical Assistance projects; project duration. In addition, the portal allows you to get acquainted with the interactive analytics of international assistance in Ukraine,” the Ministry stressed.

Among other things, the ProAID portal allows initiators and implementers to register new International Technical Assistance projects and re-register them. To do this, you must enter the contact details of the project initiator, fill in the appropriate registration fields and attach the relevant project documentation. After these conditions are met, the portal will automatically generate a project registration card. After that, the administrator of the Department of State Investment Projects and Development Support of the Ministry of Economic Development must approve the project.

Additional information:

The creation and launch of the portal is provided for by the CMU Resolution of February 15, 2002 No. 153 “On the creation of a unified system for attracting, using and monitoring international technical assistance” and the CMU Resolution of October 21, 2015 No. 835 “On approval of the Regulations on data sets to be published in the form of open data”.

Also, the Government has expanded the possibilities of e-government in the field of business registration.

The article based on the materials of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Read the original article here.