Ukraine can become a sector Member State of the EU Single digital market after the implementation of the Integration Roadmap

The roadmap for Ukraine's integration into the EU Single digital market was the result of Government actions that led to the integration into the digital market becoming one of the four priorities of sector integration with the EU.

This was noted by the Director General of the Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishina during a press conference “Integration of Ukraine into the Single digital market of the EU: achievements and prospects” held on June 26, 2019 at the News Agency UNIAN.

The priorities of integration into the Single digital market of the EU were laid down in a number of government strategies, even before Ukraine began to implement the Association Agreement in this area and the Strategy for the formation of a Single digital marketproposed in 2015 by the European Commission echoed the tasks that were set in Government documents.

Also, within the framework of Association Agreement implementation, the Government of Ukraine approved the action plan, which contains a whole block regarding the sphere of telecommunication services, and on the basis of these documents, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the framework legislation on electronic trust services, as well as on electronic identification.

It is often said that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU is the most ambitious agreement that the EU has ever signed with a third country. A clear confirmation of this statement is the block of the agreement on digital policy and telecommunications services. In particular, Annex XVII-3 provides that the parties, after Ukraine implements the relevant legislation, take a joint decision that Ukraine becomes part of the internal market of the EU. It means that Ukraine is essentially becoming a sector Member State of a certain EU market. This format is already used in relations with Turkey, as well as with the countries of the European Economic Area.

In order to start this process, Ukraine had to develop a Roadmap of such integration, where it was necessary to provide a time frame, activities, tasks and our vision of integration into a Single digital market. This Roadmap was developed by the Government office together with individual ministries and agencies and involved the implementation of relevant EU legislation in this sector. At the same time, horizontal legislation was taken as a basis, since for Ukraine mutual recognition is not only the mutual abolition of barriers in the service sector, but also the protection of the rights of their consumers.

"In a few weeks, an assessment mission of the European Union will arrive in Ukraine, which will provide an assessment of the market, infrastructure and legislation of Ukraine. This mission will actually be a screen of the Ukrainian market and legal system and will continue to be the basis for the decision of the Association on what steps need to be implemented in order to become part of the Single digital market of the EU", – Olha Stefanishina said.

Director General of the Directorate of Strategic Planning and European Integration of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine Yulia Zaichenko noted that the Ministry was directly involved in the development of the draft law "On electronic trust services", as well as a number of by-laws, which were based on the implementation decisions of the European Union in this area.

"First of all, this legislation gives individuals and legal entities confidence that their means of electronic identification will be recognized in the EU", – the representative of the Ministry of Justice said.

At the present time, Ukraine is engaged in a dialogue with individual member States of the EU on the mutual recognition of electronic trust services in order to accelerate the integration of the digital market in the EU. Thus, negotiations are already underway with one of the member States on the signing of a Memorandum on mutual recognition of these services. This will be a pilot project and will test the regulatory and technical compliance of Ukraine with EU legislation.

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