Dialogue on Intellectual Property Rights

The Ukrainian Party and European Party started a Dialogue on Intellectual Property Rights between the European Commission and Ukraine to address IP issues of mutual interest to the parties in 2006. The dialogue is a part of the broader cooperation between the European Commission and Ukraine in accordance with the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan.

The sessions cover the development of IP legislation in Ukraine; law enforcement; legal protection of geographical indications; collective management in the field of copyright and related rights; protection of IP rights; combating IP offenses; provision of technical assistance from the EU; compulsory licensing and patent communication.

The Dialogue is complemented by ad hoc meetings at the expert level, which are held on demand.

The functioning of the Dialogue on Intellectual Property Rights is also provided for by Title IV of the Association Agreement. The Dialogue operates in accordance with article 252 (3) of the Agreement to address the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, in particular those covered by Chapter 9, “Intellectual property”, Title IV of the agreement.

Also, for the proper implementation of the standards enshrined in the Directive 2004/48/EC and the EU Council Regulation EC 1383/2003 concerning customs actions; taking effective measures against counterfeiting and piracy and ensuring effective implementation of legislation and sanctions for violation of intellectual property rights; and strengthening coherent and comprehensive enforcement abilities on the level of state authorities (Administrative, Judicial and Executive bodies), in particular, the increase in the number of state inspectors at the State Department on intellectual property issues and improving the institutional capacity of the Ministry of internal Affairs to combat online piracy, the EU–Ukraine Association Agenda also provides for the continuation of the Dialogue.

Since the establishment of the Dialogue, 16 meetings have been held.

The latter took place in Kyiv on June 8, 2017 and June 20, 2018.

Website: Dialogue on Intellectual Property Rights